(Whatever may be the nature of the ill health or disorder from which we are suffering, we can heal ourselves through a proper use of our consciousness and calling down the healing power of peace.)

Homepage intro: How to heal our body and mind by invoking the healing powers within us.

Three Steps to Heal All Disorder

Now suppose that due to some illness or other you have some pain at a particular spot. At that moment all will de­pend, as I said at the beginning, on the approach most famil­iar to you. But we can give an example. You are in pain, in great pain; it hurts very much, you are suffering a lot.

First point: do not dwell on the pain by telling yourself, “Oh, how it hurts! Oh, this pain is unbearable! Oh, it is get­ting worse and worse, I will never be able to endure it”, etc., all that sort of thing. The more you go on thinking like that and feeling like that and the more your attention is concen­trated on it, the more the pain increases remarkably.

So, the first point: to control yourself enough not to do that.

Second point: as I said, it depends on your habits. If you know how to concentrate, to be quiet, and if you can bring into yourself a certain peace of any kind – it may be a mental peace, it may be a vital peace, it may be a psychic peace; they have different values and qualities, that is an individual ques­tion – you try to realise within yourself a state of peace or you attempt to enter into conscious contact with a force of peace.

Suppose you succeed to a greater or less extent. Then, if you can draw the peace into yourself and bring it down into the solar plexus – for we are not talking about inner states we are talking about your physical body – and from there direct it very calmly, very slowly, so to speak, but very persist­ently, towards the place where the pain is more or less acute, and fix it there, this is very good.

This is not always enough.

But if by widening this movement you can add a sort of mental formation with a little life in it (not just cold, but with a little life in it) that the only reality is the divine Reality, and all the cells of this body are a more or less deformed expres­sion of that divine Reality – there is only one reality, the Divine, and our body is a more or less deformed expression of that sole Reality – if by my aspiration, by my concentration, I can bring into the cells of the body the consciousness of that sole Reality, all disorder must necessarily cease.

If you can add to this a movement of trusting surrender to the Grace, I guarantee that within five minutes your suffering will disappear. If you know how to do it.

You may try and yet not succeed. You must know how to try again and again and again, until you do succeed. But if you do these three things at the same time, well, there is no pain that can resist.

How to Call Down Peace

First of all, you must want it.

And then you must try, and you must persevere, keep try­ing. . . . You sit quietly, to begin with; and then, instead of thinking of fifty things, start saying to yourself, “Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, calm, peace    ” You imagine peace and calm. You aspire, ask it to come: “Peace, peace, calm.” And then, when something comes and tries to touch you and be active, you say quietly, like this: “Peace, peace, peace.” Do not look at the thoughts, do not listen to the thoughts, you understand. You must not pay attention to everything that comes. You know, when someone bores you terribly and you want to get rid of him, you don’t listen to him, do you? Good! You turn your head away and think of something else.  Well, you must do that: when thoughts come, you must not look at them, not listen to them, not pay any attention at all, you must behave as though they did not exist. And then, repeat all the time like a kind of… how shall I put it?.. as an idiot does, who always repeats the same thing. Well, you must do the same; you must repeat, “Peace, peace, peace”.  So you try this a few minutes and then do what you have to do; and then, other time, you begin again; you sit down again and then you try. Do this on getting up in the morning, when going to bed. You can do it… say you want to digest your food well, do this for a few minutes be­fore eating. You cannot imagine how much it will help your digestion! Before beginning to eat, you sit quietly for a while and say, “Peace, peace, peace…” and everything becomes calm.

It is as if all the noises were going far, far, far away (Mother stretches out her arms on both sides) And then you must con­tinue doing this; and there comes a time when you no longer need to sit down, and no matter what you are doing, no mat­ter what you are saying, it is always “Peace, peace, peace.” Everything remains here, like this, it does not enter (gesture in front of the forehead), it remains like this. And then one is always in a perfect peace… after some years.

But at the beginning, a very small beginning, two or three minutes; it is very simple. For something complicated you have to make an effort, and when you make an effort you are not quiet. It is hard to make an effort while remaining quiet. Very simple, very simple, one must be very simple in these things. It is as if you were learning to call a friend: he comes because he is called. Well, make peace and calm your friends and call them: “Come, peace, peace, peace, peace, come!”

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