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An Integral Approach to management and human development based on the spiritual vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with an emphasis on its application to various domains of knowledge and life.

Spirituality, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility – M.S. Srinivasan

(There is a higher spiritual dimension to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This article brings out this higher dimension in the concept of sustainable evolution.) Our Sustainable Evolution Sustainability has become … Continue reading

September 6, 2017 · 1 Comment

Beyond Judgement: Towards True Understanding – M.S. Srinivasan

(This article examines the relationship between understanding and judgment in the light of integral psychology) When one understands, one no longer judges and when one judges it means one doesn’t … Continue reading

March 7, 2017 · 1 Comment

Corporation as a Community – M.S. Srinivasan

A business organization is undoubtedly a part of the economic life of the community.  But it is not exclusively an economic entity; it is also a social organism or a … Continue reading

October 6, 2016 · 3 Comments

Building Corporate Integrity – M.S. Srinivasan

Moral force cannot be confirmed merely by ideas, it can only be forged and tempered in the workshop of action. –Sri Aurobindo The modern corporate world as a whole is … Continue reading

August 24, 2016 · 1 Comment

Building a Woman-Friendly Work-Place – M.S.Srinivasan

Where the women are respected, there the gods dwell with delight. – Manu in Manava Dharma Shastra (As the previous article describes vividly, the present corporate world is not very … Continue reading

April 1, 2016 · 119 Comments

Outer Success and Inner Quality of Life – M.S. Srinivasan

Most of us are enamored of outer success in the world. When we are young and not very mature, we don’t realize that outer success does not necessarily lead to … Continue reading

February 1, 2016 · 24 Comments

The Experience: trap – M.S. Srinivasan

(Experience is a very important source of the learning. But it can also become a trap and a prison.) Here is a story based on an episode narrated by a … Continue reading

January 22, 2016 · 4 Comments

The Role of Pain in Human Evolution – M.S. Srinivasan

“And the deep need of universal pain.” – Sri Aurobindo   The average mentality looks at pain and suffering as evil or a punishment for wrong action or bad karma. … Continue reading

December 22, 2015 · 43 Comments

Spirituality, Creativity and Greatness – M.S. Srinivasan

[What is the relationship between spirituality and creativity? Can spiritual development enhance creativity? Can a spiritual man be a great creative genius in whatever field he enters? Can a Yogi … Continue reading

November 13, 2015 · 4 Comments

Big Data: What it Can and Cannot Do – M.S. Srinivasan

At present, the corporate world is enamoured of “Big Data” or Analytics, which is regarded as the new “Management Revolution” Harvard Business Review has come out with a special issue … Continue reading

November 5, 2015 · 51 Comments