The Blinding Habit and the Changed Situation – M.S. Srinivasan

(This is a slightly modified version of the story told by the well-known spiritual teacher, Mata Amirthanandamayi. It is a good story to illustrate a lesson in change management  –  how our preconceived notions and habitual ways of looking at things can blind us to the new and changed situation).

The Officer in-charge of a police station received an info from the Intelligence wing that a well-known drug smuggler is likely to cross the nearby check-post with narcotic stuff. The officer rushed to the check-post with his constables and waited. The smuggler came in a brand new foreign motorbike. The policemen searched furiously his bike, his clothes and his body. But nothing was found. He was allowed to go. When the officer  reported the matter to his boss, he was told to keep a round-the -clock vigil for a week.

The smuggler came again next day in another new bike. The  policemen searched but again nothing could be found. This comedy went on for a few more days and everyday smuggler came in a flashy new bike. The next day, when the smuggler came again, the frustrated police officer told him:

“Look here, we know you are smuggling drugs and hiding it somewhere. Today you must tell me where you are hiding”. The smuggler said:

“Officer. I am no longer smuggling drugs. I left that business long back”.

 “What are you doing now?” asked the officer. The smuggler said with a wink in his eyes, “I am now smuggling foreign motorbikes”, and before  the significance of the message can sink into the officer’s mind, the smuggler raced off in his bike.

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