Modern contributions to the science of yoga

India is now well-known all over the world as the land which gave birth to the great science of Yoga. But the traditional religious mind of India tends to look back on the “glorious past” for spiritual inspiration and wisdom as if spirituality is the exclusive preserve of the past and there is nothing of it in the present or for the future. What is not fully recognized is that spirituality and the Science of Yoga or in India an unbroken and constantly renewed tradition and quest. This great Indian quest for the ultimate reality still continues in modern India, exemplified in the life, realizations and teachings of the modern spiritual pioneers of India and in a less visible form in the innumerable ashrams and hermitages of modern India.

The aim of this series of articles is to bring out the main features of the modern Yoga movement in India through the teachings of some great modern Yogis who represent the different aspects of this movement in Indian Yoga. In our discussions, we will not enter into extensive analysis of the spiritual or yogic teachings or philosophy of these great Masters of modern India. We will confine our discussions to their major contribution to the theory and practice of the science of Yoga.


  1. Two Streams: Preservative and Innovative
  1. Swami Vivekananda: Yoga as Applied Psychology
  1. Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy: Bihar School of Yoga: Life-enriching potentialities of Yoga
  1. Ramana Maharshi: Yoga of Self-enquiry
  1. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: Yoga of Integral Transformation
  1. Krishnamoorthy: Yoga of Choiceless Awareness

to be continued…


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