List of Articles

imagesI.  Buddhist Yoga
1. The Sorrowful Change
2. The Psychological Approach to Religion
3. Sri Aurobindo on Buddha and His Teachings
4. The Yogic Path of Buddha
5. Buddhist Psychology
6. The Psychology of  Nirvana
7. Satipathana: Bare Attention of Mindfulness
8. The Path of Jhana: Eight Steps to Nirvana
9. Sri Aurobindo on the Nirvanic experience
II. New Horizons of Yoga
1. Swami Vivekananda: A Science of Accelerated Evolution
2. The Evolving Tradition
3.  Swami Satyananda Saraswati: Life-enriching Potentialities of Yoga
4. Ramana Maharishi: Yoga of Self-enquiry
5. Ramana Maharishi on the Sadhana of Self-Enquiry
6. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: Yoga of Integral Transformation
7. J. Krishnamoorthy: Yoga of Choiceless Awareness
8. Beyond Personal Salvation
9. Management and Yoga: Can they Meet?
III. Psychology of Tantra Yoga
1. The Yogic Vision of Tantra
2. The Misunderstood Tradition
3. Sri Aurobindo on Tantra
4. The Eternal Feminine
5. Worship of Form and the Formless in Tantra
6. The Three Types of Seekers
7. Significance of the Human Body
8. The Affirmation of Life-I
9. The Affirmation of Life-II
IV. Rajayoga
1. The Roots of Bondage-I
2. The Path to Kaivalya
3. The Roots of Bondage-II
4. The Roots of Bondage-III
5. The Roots of Bondage-IV
6. Stopping the Mind
V. The Foundations
1. The Spiritual Genius of India
2. The Spiritual Humanism
3. Our Inner Instruments
4. The Object of Yoga:The Divine Reality
5. The Universal Principles of Yoga
6. From Ignorance to Knowledge
7. Soul and Nature
8. The Triple Qualities of Nature and the Indian Vision of Human Development
9. Chitta: The Basic Mind-Stuff
10. Manas: The Sense Mind
11. The Life-Force-I
12. The Life-Force-II
13. The Budhi: Intelligent Will
14. The Ahamkar: I-maker-I
15. The Ahamkar:I-maker-II
16. The Ahamkar:I-maker-III
VI. Vedantic Yoga
1. Psychology of the Absolute
2. The Light Unvieled
3. The Five Sheaths of Self-I
4. The Five Sheaths of Self-II
5. The Five Sheaths of Self-III
6. The Five Sheaths of Self-IV
7. The Five Sheaths of Self-V
8.  The Five Sheaths of Self-VI
9. The Five Sheaths of Self-VII
10. The Inner Self and its Powers
VII. Vedic Yoga
1. The Sun Hidden in  Darkness
2. Psychology of the Gods
3. The Hidden Secret of the Vedas
4. The Fire of Sacrifice
5. Yoga of the Vedic Seers-I
6. Yoga of the Vedic Seers-II
7. The Vedic Manthra
8. The Psychology of the Vedic Ritual
9. The Evolution of the Vedic Spirit
10. The Evolution of the Vedic Spirit-II
11. The Evolution of the Vedic Spirit-III
12.The Evolution of the Vedic Spirit-IV
13. The Evolution of the Vedic Spirit-V
VII.  Integral Yoga
1. Life and Yoga
2. The Yoga of Nature: Psychology of Planetary Evolution
3.  The Science of Living: Building the Four-fold being
4. Aspiration, Rejection, Surrender
5. The Process of Integral Yoga
6. Two Parallel Movements

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