Why Dinosaurs are extinct?

There are factors of evolution behind the extinction of dinosaurs and they contain lessons for the future of our own evolution. The first reason could be that Nature no longer needed such huge creatures for her further evolution.  The other reason may be that these giant creatures are not able to adapt themselves to the changing environment.  But much more important than these factors of the past which caused the extinction of these huge creatures are the lessons they carry for the future evolution of our race.

What happened to Dinosaurs physically may happen mentally in the future evolution of our planet.  In the march of Nature, only those creatures which fulfill her evolutionary needs or helps in her work or adapt themselves to her changes survive.  And those creatures which are able to do this evolutionary adaptation with a greater creativity than others will be the leaders of the race.  Others either become extinct or to play a subordinate role to the leaders.

As we have discussed in some of our earlier questions, in the future, Nature is marching towards a higher intuitive consciousness beyond the rational and logical mind which was the leader of evolution until now.  So having a big intellect with a great capacity for logical reasoning is not enough to survive or succeed in the future world.  We have to develop the intuitive faculties beyond reason.  But if we are unwilling or unable to achieve this intuitive consciousness and cling to our intellect, however big, sharp and brilliant it may be, we will become mental dinosaurs and face the same fate as these mighty creatures of the past.

This doesn’t mean, we have to abandon or reject reason or logic but it has to be subordinated to intuition.  Reason has to be an obedient servant of intuition.  But what is intuition? It is a higher faculty which gives a swift, direct and spontaneous insight into a solution to a problem or understanding of a deeper truth of life, without the need for logic or reason.  What logic or reason does after a long laborious effort, intuition can do swiftly and without much effort.  How to arrive at this intuition? By inner silence.  If we want to receive the light of intuition beyond thought, the thinking, reasoning and logical mind has to be kept silent and wait for the drop of intuitive light to descend from above or raise from within.

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