Behind the God-Particle: A Consciousness Perspective–M.S. Srinivasan

Scientist at CERN, after spending so many billions of dollars, seems to have found the God-particle or have they? What is precisely the nature of this ultimate reality of matter?  According to New Physics, Matter is a form of Energy.  So, the ultimate unit of Matter, the God-particle, is probably a particle of energy or a point of interaction of energy-fields.  But what is the source and essence of energy?  There is no clear answer to this question from modern science.  Here comes the importance of deeper insights of Indian seers, ancient and modern.  The method of modern science, seeking for the truth of Matter through scientific reason and experimentation is only one way of knowing.  There is the other way of yoga which proceeds through direct insight and inner vision which can perceive and see the invisible realities behind the visible appearances.

According to this deeper insight of Indian yogis the source of energy is Consciousness.  In otherwords Matter is Energy and Energy is or inherent in Consciousness.  But what is Consciousness?  It is Awareness, awareness of our own self and the awareness of the world around.   Consciousness in physical matter is neither aware of itself or the world around; it is closed upon itself and lost in the whirl of its energy.  A particle of matter is a point of consciousness lost in the act of its own whirl.  For example when we are performing a very repetitive and mechanical act sometimes we may loose the consciousness of our self and the world around in the repetitive act; we also become something like matter.  But our consciousness is not exactly lost but pushed behind the act and can be recovered.  Something similar happening in the original mystery of creation gives birth to Matter.  Thus in this Indian perspective, the God-particle is a point of consciousness forgetting itself in the whirling motion of its own energy.  The process of terrestrial evolution is nothing but a process of gradual recovery of consciousness from the apparent coma of Matter to a perfect fullness in the Spirit.

As the evolution proceeds from material to the biological and animal kingdom, there are two quantum leaps in consciousness.  These leaps in consciousness manifest itself as a progressively greater awareness and response to the environment, first in the form of a vital response in plant and the awareness of the world around through sense-consciousness in the animal.  And with the advent of Mind in man there is a further quantum leap in consciousness in the form of a beginning of self-awareness.  But in our mental consciousness, self-awareness is rudimentary because we are aware of only a small part of our total conscious being.  And a complete recovery of this total self-awareness in our spiritual self is the next stage in evolution.

This evolution from Matter to Spirit is guided and directed by the divine Intelligence inherent in matter.  The term “God-particle” is in a way very apt because behind or within every particle of matter, there is God Himself with all His infinite consciousness directing the evolution of matter according to the truth and law of things.  What we call as “Laws of Nature” are the process or mechanism by which the divine Intelligence and Will works out its plan and purpose in the universe.  They are the outer expressions of a divine supramental Idea in matter organising and sustaining the material world.  As Sri Aurobindo explains: “it is a concealed supramental force with a self-conscient knowledge in it which informs the whole action of material energy. It is that which determines what we call law of nature, maintains the action of each thing according to its own nature and harmonises and evolves the whole, which would otherwise be a fortuitous creation apt at any moment to collapse into chaos.”

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