Business and the Future: Towards a New Paradigm Based on Yoga


Organizational Development: A Yogic Vision


Motivation and Human Growth: A Developmental Perspective


Values for Excellence in Professional Work

Oct 2011

Business at the service of the Poor: Perspectives and Possibilities

VILASHAN, Journal of the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

Sep 2009

Rethinking Corporate strategy-A Consciousness Perspective

Mar 2009

Values, Ethics and Wellness: An Integrated Corporate Perspective

Sep 2010

The Future of Corporate Philanthropy

Mar 2010

Economics and Human Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis

Mar-sep 2011-12

An Integral Approach to Talent Management

Sep 2011

Igniting Innovation: A Holistic Approach

Mar-Sep 2012

Reinventing Capitalism in the light of Indian synthesis

Sep 2012

Development of Concentration for Enhancing Productivity

Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Nov 2007

Corporate Governance-An Integral View

Apr 2008

The Motivation Spectrum

Jun 2008

How to Evaluate CEO

May 2012

The Financial Meltdown and the Triune Crisis: An Integral Perspective

Feb 2009

Future World and the role of Business

Aug 2010

Guiding Values for Corporate Governance: A Consciousness Perspective

Dec 2010

The Six Paradigms of Business

Feb 2011

The Four steps to Corporate Sustainability

Sep 2011

Corporation, Community and Development : An Integrated Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Jan 2012

Managing Organisational Change: Some Critical Questions

Nov 2012

Corporate Governance: A Long Term Consciousness Perspective

Chartered Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India

Nov 2008

Knowledge Management: A Psychological Perspective

The Management Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant  of India

Jan 2011

Management Challenges of the 21st Century

Dec 2011

Managing Organisational Creativity

Mar 2012

The Path of Holistic Decision making


July 2012


Leadership and Strategy and the Future World’

Sep 2012

The Higher Purpose of Technology

Quarterly Bulletin of Association of Consulting civil Engineers (India)

April-June 2008.


The Clean Energy and Green Technologies

Jan-Mar 2009


Rethinking Sustainability

April-June 2009

Green Interventions

August 2009

Anatomy of the Present Ecological Crisis

Oct-Dec, 2009

Harvesting Human Growth: A Consciousness-perspective

Jan-Mar 2010.


Values in Engineering

Jan-Mar, 2010
Building Inner Peace and Equanimity for Stress Management

Taxmann’s Corporate Professional Today

Feb 2009

The Foundations of Workplace Wellness: An integral approach

Souvenir of Noida Management Association

April 2011

Human’s Development and the Quality of Life

Rbhu, Golden Horizon Centre

15th Aug 2008
The Art of Effective Governance

15th Aug 2010

Yoga, Psychology and the Indian Genius

21st Feb 2009

Culture as  a Source of Development

Shraddha, Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Calcutta

Aug 2009

The Foundations of Social Sustainability

April 2011

Towards a New Science of society: an integral approach

Aug 2012

Total Quality: An Integral Perspective

Student Company Secretary

June 2009

The Concept of Unique Intrinsic Nature and Its Implications for   Human and Organizational Development

KIIT Journal of Management

Jan-Dec 2009

An Integral Approach to management based on the principles of yoga ICS-ERC Newsletter,  a journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India

September 2009

Shaping Values in Business-A Dharmic Vision Gitam Journal of Management

Oct-Nov 2009

Dimensions of Integrity SCMS Journal of Management

September 2008

Contours of the Future World, A Corporate Perspective

July 2011

India and China: Giants of the Future. Mother India, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

August 2007



New China and Some Related Questions.

October 2007


The New Paradigm in Business

October 2009

The Total Performance Management

SIDDHANTH, Regional college of Management

July 2011

The Manager’s Oath and Professional Ethics

Corporate Law Advisor

June 2011

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