Complete List of Articles

I. Harnessing the Human Potential

  1. Right attitudes to ideas,  May 2012FDI
  2. Interpersonal harmony: a psychological Perspective , Feb 2012FDI
  3. Development of faculties for professional  excellence: a psychological perspective.
  4. The Duryodhana syndrome, Oct 2011FDI
  5. The aesthetic transformation of life, Oct 2011FDI
  6. The art of mindfulness for enabling performance, Sep 2010FDI
  7. The power of concentration for enhancing productivity, Sep 2010FDI
  8. Faculties of Consciousness, Jan 2011FDI
  9. The role of creative vision in human development, Mar 2009FDI
  10. Management of Human Energies, Mar 2012FDI
  11. The Energy Alchemy, Mar 2012FDI
  12. The Inner Marriage, Sep 2009FDI
  13. Self-government: guidelines for self-assessment
  14. Rest, Relaxation and Leisure, Souvenir, 2012, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India
  15. Alone in love, Sep 2012, sriaurobindosaction
  16. Faith, Intuition and Will, FDI, Oct 2010
  17. Fact, Opinion and Truth
  18. Success, Happiness and Fulfillment, FDI, June 2011
  19. How To Choose the Right Career, FDI, June 2011

II. Society u0026amp; Culture

  1. Collective progress: the integral view. 
  2. Culture as the source of development, Aug 2009, Shraddha          
  3. Towards a new science of society: an integral approach. 
  4. Reinventing Capitalism in the Light of Indian Synthesis, Sep 2012, Vilakshan, Journal of the Xavier Institute of Management
  5. Inner Awakening of the Collectivity
  6. Youth and Idealism
  7. The Meaning of Practicality

 III. Education u0026amp; Learning

  1. Educational thoughts of J. Krishnamoorthy:  in the light of integral education
  2. Life and learning, Mar 2010FDI            
  3. Identification and development of faculties               
  4. Extending the frontiers of the scientific method: an educational perspective                                  
  5. Fundamentals of integral education                        
  6. The new paradigm in education  
  7. Values in Engineering and Technology Education
  8. FAQ’s of Children-I
  9. FAQ’s of Children-II
  10. FAQ’s of Children-III
  11. FAQ’s of Children-IV
  12. FAQ’s of Children-V
  13. FAQ’s of Children-VI
  14. FAQ’s of Children-VII
  15. FAQ’s of Children-VIII
  16. FAQ’s of Children-IX
  17. FAQ’s of Children-X
  18. FAQ’s of Children-XI
  19. FAQ’s of Children-XII
  20. FAQ’s of Children-XIII
  21. FAQ’s of Children-XIV
  22. FAQ’s of Children-XV
  23. FAQ’s of Children-XVI
  24. FAQ’s of Children-XVII
  25. FAQ’s of Children-XVIII
  26. FAQ’s of Children-XIX
  27. FAQ’s of Children-XX
  28. FAQ’s of Children-XXI
  29. FAQ’s of Children-XXII
  30. FAQ’s of Children-XXIII
  31. FAQ’s of Children-XXIV

IV. Polity, Governance u0026amp; Development

  1. Power, democracy and leadership
  2. Towards enlightened political  leadership 
  3. The Dharmic Ideal of Governance
  4. The Indian Synthesis in Polity
  5. Wielding the Organ of Power: Dimensions of Political Leadership

V. Reviews and Case Studies

  1. The role of performance reviews:  a holistic perspective                  
  2. Building workplace democracy     
  3. Productivity without anxiety                  
  4. The secret of good governance, Oct 2010, Next Future
  5. The human face of Toyota production system
  6. The role of training in a learning organization, Dec 2011FDI
  7. The Corporate Madonna, May 2011FDI
  8.  Private schools for the poor               
  9. Tale of the light-beam rider   Mar 2010FDI
  10.  A Synopsis of Sri Aurobindo Major works
  11. Leading from the Soul
  12. The Architect of Amul
  13. Integral Leadership
  14. Leading with Light and Love, May 2012FDI
  15. The Creative Compassion, Jun-July 2012FDI
  16. Political Risk and Commercial Advantage
  17. Coping with Disruptive Change
  18. The Spiritual Transformation of Matter

VI. Interesting Stories

  1. Value-education — a story
  2. The goblin of religion
  3.  The matured person  
  4. Sufi, mulla and the ego                             
  5. Sufi and the child           
  6. Evolution of human nature                             
  7. Buddha and the sculptor
  8. Tales on Yoga: Somu and the siddha
  9. The mind and its control
  10. The moral outlook and the spiritual vision
  11. The seeing mind
  12. The sublime beggar
  13. The Fire and the Flower, Awakening and Namah
  14. Doctor and the Healer
  15. What is a Miracle
  16. The Spirit of Indian Art
  17. Tales on Yoga: Devadutta and the Cows
  18. Ignorance, Evolution and the Avatar
  19. The Dark Secret
  20. Drop It

VII. Religion, Spirituality And Philosophy

  1. Religion of the formless and worship of forms, Dec 2004Next Future
  2. Future of religion-I, Aug 2004 Next Future   
  3. Towards a New Paradigm of Religion for a globalizing world.
  4. Rational Reformation of Religion: Possibilities and Limitations, Oct 2004 Next Future 
  5. Religion as the Reformer of Society.
  6. Religion, Science and Spirituality
  7. The Role of Religion
  8. Self-development and Spirituality
  9. The Foundations of Eastern Spiritual Synthesis-I, Feb 2012, Rbhu
  10. The Foundations of Eastern Spiritual Synthesis-II, Aug 2012, Rbhu
  11. Social Service, Philanthropy and Spirituality
  12. The Meaning of Yoga
  13. Half-Truth and the Whole Truth
  14. Relevance of Spirituality to Youth
  15. Concept and the Experience
  16. Secular Objections to Spirituality
  17. Defiling the Sublime

VIII. The Future World

  1. The future of human potential-I, Jan 2006 Next Future
  2. The future of human potential-II, Feb 2006 Next Future
  3. The future of the human potential-III, Mar 2006 Next Future
  4. The future of the human potential-IV, Apr 2006 Next Future
  5. The future of the human potential-V, May 2006 Next Future
  6. The future of the human potential-VI, June 2006 Next Future 
  7. The future of the human potential-VII, July 2006 Next Future 
  8. The future of the human potential-VIII, Aug 2006 Next Future
  9. Future of Matter-I, Jan 2007Next Future
  10. Future of Matter-II, Feb 2007Next Future
  11. Future of Matter-III, Mar 2007Next Future
  12. Future of Matter-IV, Apr 2007Next Future
  13. Future of Matter-V, May 2007Next Future
  14. Future of Matter-VI, June 2007Next Future
  15. Future of Matter-VII, July 2007Next Future
  16. Future of Matter-VIII, Aug 2007Next Future

IX.  Islamic Civilisation and Culture

  1. Islamic philosophy and science             
  2. Towards a better understanding of Islam      
  3. Aesthetic Mind of Islamic Civilisation
  4. The Islamic Religion: An Evolutionary Perspective-I
  5. The Islamic Religion: An Evolutionary Perspective-II
  6. The Islamic Religion: An Evolutionary Perspective-III
  7. Sufism: The Mystic Soul of Islam-I
  8. Sufism: The Mystic Soul of Islam-II

X. Indian Civilisation u0026amp; Culture

  1. The master-ideals of Indian culture:  a reappraisal-I, Mother India
  2. The master-ideals of Indian culture:  a reappraisal-II, Mother India
  3. The master-ideals of Indian culture: a reappraisal-III, Mother India
  4. The master-ideals of Indian culture: a reappraisal-IV, Mother India
  5. The master-ideals of Indian culture: a reappraisal-V, Mother India
  6. The vision and work of Indian culture : past and the future
  7. The Vision that made the nation, Jun-Oct 2010Next future 
  8. The Spirit of Indian Philosophy: A Dialogue
  9. The Vedic Society and Culture: A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective, Rbhu 21st Feb 2011
  10. The Vedic Philosophy
  11. The Mystic, Magi and the Priest: Evolution of Vedic Religion

XI. The Meaning of History

  1. History as human development: A psychological approach-I, Mother India
  2. History as human development: A psychological approach-II, Mother India
  3. Study of world-history – towards a new approach, Mother India
  4. Karma in History: An Evolutionary Perspective-I, Sraddha, February 2010
  5. Karma in History: An Evolutionary Perspective-II, Sraddha, February 2010
  6. Karma in History: An Evolutionary Perspective-III, Sraddha, February 2010
  7. Karma in History: An Evolutionary Perspective-IV, Sraddha, February 2010

XII. Ecology, Technology u0026amp; Sustainability

  1. Learning from the technology of nature, Dec 2010FDI
  2. The higher purpose of technology, April-June 2008, Quarterly Bulletin of Association of Consulting Civil Engineers(India)
  3. Towards integral sustainability.                          
  4. Our planet and our environment, Jan 2012FDI
  5. Technology, ecology and humanism, Dec 2010FDI
  6. The challenge of sustainability, Jan 2011FDI
  7. The IT revolution, knowledge-society and the quality of life: A deeper perspective, Sri Aurobindo’s Action.
  8. Clean Energies and Green Technologies
  9. The Impact of Biotechnology
  10. Ecology, Economics and Development : A Holistic Perspective
  11. Steering our Sustainable Evolution
  12. Building a Sustainable Corporate Culture

 XIII.  Integral Management

  1. The total performance management: A holistic perspective, July 2011, Siddhanth, Regional College of Management
  2. The management challenges of the 21st century: An evolutionary perspective, Dec 2011, The Management Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India
  3. The six paradigms of business, Feb 2011, Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  4. Igniting innovation: a holistic approach, Mar-Sep2012, Vilakshan, Journal of the Xavier Institute of Management
  5. An integral approach to talent management, Sep2011, Vilakshan, Journal of the Xavier Institute of Management                   
  6. Rethinking corporate strategy a consciousness perspective, Mar 2009, Vilakshan, Journal of the Xavier Institute of Management                       
  7. The integral management-I: an overview.
  8. Integral management-II managing from within: the paradigm of consciousness.
  9. Integral management-III nurturing people: an evolutionary perspective.     
  10. Integral management-IV steering the organisation.                
  11. Motivation and Human Growth: A developmental Perspective.
  12. Values for Excellence in Professional Work, Oct 2011, Journal of Human Values
  13. The Motivation Spectrum, Jun 2008, Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  14. Values, Ethics and Wellness: An Integrated Corporate Perspective, Sep 2010, VILAKSHAN
  15. Building Inner Peace and Equanimity for Stress Management, Mar 2010FDI
  16. The Concept of Unique Intrinsic Nature and its Implications for Human and Organisational Development, Shaping Values in Business-A Dharmic Vision.
  17. Dimensions of Integrity, Sep 2008SCMS Journal of Management
  18. Guiding Values for Corporate Governance: A Consciousness Perspective, Dec 2010Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  19. The Four Steps to Corporate Sustainability, Sep 2011 Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  20. Corporate Governance: A Long Term Consciousness Perspective, Nov 2008Chartered Accountant
  21. The Foundations of Workplace Wellness: An Integral Approach, Apr 2011Souvenir of Noida Management Association
  22. The Design Path to Innovation.
  23. Shaping Values in Business-A Dharmic Vision, Oct-Nov 2009, Gitam Journal of Management
  24. Corporation, Community u0026amp; Development: An Integral Approach, Jan 2012, Chartered Secretary, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  25. Management and Yoga-Can they Meet, Aug 2011FDI
  26. Managing Organisational Creativity, Mar 2012, The Management Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India.
  27. The Path of Holistic Decision Making, July 2012, The Management Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India.
  28. Harvesting the Vision and the Idea, Apr 2009FDI
  29. Rise of the Better Half in Business, Sep 2009FDI
  30. Leadership and strategy for the future world, Sep 2012The Management Accountant
  31. Woman leader and the visionary gaze
  32. Organisational Development : A Yogic Vision
  33. Business at the Service of the Poor: Perspectives u0026amp; Possibilities
  34. Managing Organisational Change: Some Critical Questions
  35. The Act of Selling-A Deeper Perspective
  36. Building a Woman-Friendly Workplace
  37. Chemistry of Teamwork : A Psycho-Social Perspective
  38. Contours of the Future World: A Corporate Perspective, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, Apr-June 2011
  39. The DNA of Making Things: Higher Dimensions of Manufacturing
  40. The Meaning and Challenge of Change-Integral View
  41. Managing Change-Emerging Perspectives
  42. Building the High-Performance Board
  43. Beyond Stress Management: Towards Integral Wellness
  44. Harnessing the Power of Vision and Values: A Deeper Perspective
  45. How to Evaluate the CEO

XIV. Message of the Masters

  1. Some Aids for Effective Meditation, The Mother
  2. How to Convert Mental Seeking into Inner Realisation, Sri Aurobindo
  3. Meditation on Divine Unity, Swami Vivekananda
  4. Meditation on The Self, Ramana Maharishi
  5. The Power of Mental Formations, Apr 2009FDI
  6. Knowing our Consciousness, The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Feb 2011FDI 
  7. The Living Meditation, J. Krishnamurti

XV.  Editorial Commentaries

  1. Beyond the Bottomline
  2. Behind the God-particle: A Consciousness Perspective
  3. Integrating Efficiency with Excellence
  4. Rethinking Capitalism
  5. The Mighty Soft Revolution
  6. Business, Poverty and Development
  7. December 21, 2012: The Scare and the Hope
  8. Beyond IQ: Awakening the Multiple Intelligences
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