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An Integral Approach to management and human development based on the spiritual vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with an emphasis on its application to various domains of knowledge and life.

Knowing by Feeling – M.S. Srinivasan

(Much has been said and written about the concept of emotional intelligence, a brainchild of the eminent psychologist, Daniel Goleman. However Goleman’s conception is only one way of looking at … Continue reading

July 29, 2014 · 2 Comments

Enhancing Our Powers of Understanding – M.S. Srinivasan

The power of understanding or the cognitive intelligence is the highest available faculty in us in our present condition of evolution. This article examines the content and significance of this … Continue reading

July 18, 2014 · 3 Comments

The Third Way: Beyond Suppression and Indulgence – Achal Rangasamy and M.S. Srinivasan

In the middle of a meeting at the corporate office one day, we received the shocking news of the passing away of a good friend and colleague. I am going … Continue reading

July 8, 2014